Privacy Policy
Valid from 14 February 2022

About our Privacy Policy

Kaimea Ltd. cares about your privacy. That’s why we only process data that we need to provide and improve our services. We take good care of the information you provide us and the information we collect about your use of our services. We never provide any personal data for commercial purposes to third parties.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy. You find our contact details at the end of this Privacy Policy.

We are an UK based company and therefore we comply by UK law, rules and regulation that are applicable.

Links to other websites

Our websites, products and services might contain links to websites that aren’t managed by us. You will be redirected to third party websites when you click on one of these links. We strongly recommend that you read the Privacy Policy of each site you visit before using this site.

Privacy Policy of advertisers and/or third parties

We might have advertisers on our website and use services of third parties such as Google for our website. These parties have their own Privacy Policies, which you can find on their websites. Please be advised that we cannot influence their Cookie Policy and/or Privacy Policy, nor can we influence third party placement of cookies. These cookies are beyond our own Privacy Policy.

About Data Processing

We collect and process personal data for one or more purposes. This depends on the service your use. We do this:

  • So we can provide you with customer support and in case of any complaints
  • So we can communicate with automated emails, but only with your consent
  • So we can improve our websites

Personal data we collect depends on what service or website you use and what data you provide us and include:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Username
  • VAT number
  • Address
  • Place of residence
  • Phone number
  • Technical data like IP address, identifiers in cookies, browse behaviour

Webhosting SiteGround

SiteGround provides our webhosting and email services. SiteGround processes and collects data for us but doesn’t use this for their own purposes. They do however, collect meta-data about the use of their services. This doesn’t include any personal data. SiteGround has taken technical and organizational measures to prevent data loss and unauthorized use of your personal data. Antagonist agreed confidentiality through an agreement with us.

Gmail and webhost

We use services of Gmail and Apple Mail for our regular email traffic. These parties have technical and organizational measures in place to prevent abuse, loss and corruption of your and our data. These services do not have access to our inbox and we treat all our email traffic as confidential.

Billing and Accounting

We use services provided by our billing and accounting software. We share your name, email address, address, place of residence, and any data regarding your order with this software. This data is used for administration of invoices. Your personal data is protected and stored securely. Our accounting software agreed confidentiality regarding your personal data and will not use you it for any other purpose than described above.

Purpose of Data Processing

General purpose for data processing

We only use your data with regards to the services we provide. This means the goal of processing data always complies with the order you give us. We do not use your data for marketing purposes unless you give us your consent explicitly. We do not share your data with third parties other than we stated in this Privacy Policy. Third parties are bound to confidentiality by an explicit agreement with us, an occupational oath or by law.

Automated collected data

Data which is collected automatically through our websites are processed with the goal to improve our services. This data (such as IP-address, web browser and operating system) is not personal data.

Compliance to fiscal or criminal investigation

It could occur that we are forced to share your data because of an official fiscal or criminal investigation. We will do our best and use the law to prevent us having to share your data in these investigations.

Storage period

We store your data as long as you are our customer. This means that we safe your customer profile until you tell us you do not longer wish to use our services. When you tell us this we will consider this as a forget met request. Upon this request we will delete your data apart from the data we have to store by law. This includes data for billing and administrative purposes. Employees however, will no longer have access to your data.

Your rights

Firstly, we can only send copies of your data to an email address that’s already registered with us. If you want us to send it to another email address or by regular mail, we need proof of identity. We keep an administration of these requests. If you put in a forget me request, we store only anonymous data.

You have the right to file a complaint with the proper authorities for personal data if you suspect we use your data wrongfully.

Right to insight

You always have the right to see your personal data we collect. You need to put in an official request with our privacy contact person if you want to express this right. We will reply within 30 days upon your request. When your request is granted we will send an excerpt of all your data and where this is stored to your email address that we have of you.

Right of rectification

You always have the right to rectify or change your personal data. You need to put in an official request with our privacy contact person if you want to express this right. We will reply within 30 days upon your request. When your request is granted we will send a confirmation email to your email address that we have of you.

Right to limitation of processing

You always have the right to limit the processing of your data. You need to put in an official request with our privacy contact person if you want to express this right. We will reply within 30 days upon your request. When your request is granted we will send a confirmation email to your email address that we have of you and we will no longer process your data until you say otherwise.

Right of transferability

You always have the right to have your personal data processed by a third party. You need to put in an official request with our privacy contact person if you want to express this right. We will reply within 30 days upon your request. When your request is granted we will send a confirmation email to your email address that we have of you. If granted, we can probably no longer provide our services, because we can no longer guarantee a secure connection for the transfer of data.

Right of objection and other rights

In most situations, you have the right to object to data processing by or in order of Kaimea Ltd. If you object we will immediately stop processing your data awaiting the handling of your objection. If your objection is grounded, we will provide you a transcript and/or copy of the data we collected so far and permanently stop processing any of your data.

You also have the right to not be subjected to automated individualised decision making or profiling. However, we do not process your data in a way that’s applicable to this right. If you believe otherwise, please contact our privacy contact person.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website places on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when visiting a site. These cookies save your browse behaviour. Personal data is processed when cookies are placed. These cookies allow a website to recognize you on your next visit. This can be useful for you, so you don’t have to login every time you visit the website.

We identify two different kind of cookies, functional and non-functional. We always place functional cookies, otherwise our websites don’t work properly. Apart from that we also place non-functional cookies for analytic purposes. We use these second kind of cookies to improve our services. The cookies mentioned in article 14 are an example of these non-functional cookies.

How can I turn cookies off?

You can choose to turn cookies off. You do this with the web browser you use. More information about this can be found on the provider of your web browser.

Cookies placed in forms

When you provide information on forms on our website, for example on a contact page, cookies might be placed to remember your information for future correspondence.

Third party cookies

It is possible that third parties, like Google and Youtube, place advertisements on our website or that we use the services of a third party. These third parties might place cookies. These cookies are not manageable or cannot be influenced by us.

Our websites use Google Analytics, one of the most spread and trusted analytic solutions on the web, that helps us to understand how you use our websites and how we can improve your user experience. These cookies keep track of things like how much time you spend on our website, what specific pages you visit, so we can keep delivering interesting content for you. Please have a look at the official Google Analytics website for more information about Google Analytics? cookies.

We sell products online and that makes it important to us to have statistics and understand how many visitors make a purchase. Statistic cookies track this information so we can manage and predict advertisement and product costs.

We use buttons and plugins for social media on our websites with which you can connect in different ways with your social networks. Social media platforms place cookies to make these functions possible. They use information provided by these cookies to improve your profile or to contribute to goals stated in their Privacy Policies. Read our cookie declaration for more information on this subject.

Advertiser Cookies

Multiple advertisers are active on our websites who all place their own cookies. These advertisers use technologies for their advertisements and the links in their advertisements that are directly recognized by your web browser. These are used, amongst other things, to automatic recognition of your IP-addresses which are being forwarded to the advertiser.

Advertisers also use cookies, java scripts and web-beacons to monitor how effective their campaigns are. We do not have influence not control over these cookies, java scripts, and web-beacons that advertisers use. All these parties have their own Privacy Policies which apply to the use of their websites and its services. More information about how these parties interact with your privacy can be found on the websites of these parties.

Minors and minimum age

If you are 16 years old or younger, you can only use our websites and services under parental supervision or with assistance of legal supervision.

Privacy Policy Updates

We always reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time. You will always find the most up to date version of our Privacy Policy on this page. We will inform you via email If our new Privacy Policy effects the way process your data we already collected.

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